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EverBless ANNOUNCES STAFF EXPANSION: Welcome Alicia Corbitt

Todd J. Fuller, EverBless CEO, announced today that Alicia Corbitt will join the organization’s advancement team, effective April 11, 2022.

Alicia is equipped with more than 30 years of professional sales experience. During her career, she has represented multiple product lines for varied clientele — ranging from heavy equipment for businesses to life insurance for individuals. Her managerial positions and licensing as an independent insurance agent further prepared her for her new role with EverBless as advancement manager.

The Roanoke native participated in the 2022 premier of UNSTOPPABLE, a video series where she transparently shared her life story with hopes of helping others who face similar situations. She also is featured in the Spring 2022 issue of “Imagine,” with mid-May distribution, where she reviewed her EverBless financial transactions from caretaker and faith-based perspectives.

“EverBless is positioned for growth, so we are thrilled to welcome someone of Alicia’s caliber to our team,” Todd said. “She, along with Director of Advancement Cindy Elmore, will represent EverBless with integrity, expertise, and sincerity as they help individuals with their financial plans and guide churches with their investments.”

Alicia is an active member of Rosalind Hills Baptist Church. She also is a former fitness instructor who values holistic health of body, mind and spirit.