It's a celebration a century in the making...

After serving Baptists for 100 years, Virginia Baptist Foundation is now EverBless.

Why change the foundation's name?

The name ‘Virginia Baptist Foundation’ has served us well but limits our future reach. It is time to extend our stewardship invitation across a broader Christian community and locale.

Why change the name now?

In November, our organization will celebrate 100 years of service. As we honor our past, we look to our future, and we acknowledge the importance of remaining relevant among current and prospective clients.

Why choose the name ‘EverBless’?

‘EverBless’ expresses the goal of Christian-based investments and financial planning: to support lasting blessings with eternal impact. The new name also reinforces that our foundation is faith-based and trustworthy.

How do I contact EverBless?

Our mailing address and phone number remain the same. Our web address and email address have changed to reflect our new name.

Our name has changed. Our mission remains the same.

Churches and Ministries

EverBless offers tools to help churches sustain and grow their ministry funds and investments — as well as support during church transitions. EverBless also provides access to free video-driven Bible studies to support the church’s financial health, as well as its members’ well-being.


Individuals and Families

EverBless strives to help individuals maximize their charitable giving by extending education and financial tools that range from charitable trusts and donor-advised funds to wills and endowed scholarships.


Undergraduate, Graduate & Seminary Students

EverBless and its generous donors consider scholarships as investments in our next generation of Christian leaders. Higher education students are encouraged to apply online for tuition assistance as an EverBless scholar.