Live Once. Give Twice.

An innovative estate-planning strategy allows them to share blessings, time and time again.

Live Once - ThompsonIn the early 1930s, Walter and Ada Thompson owned a 200-acre farm in Lunenburg County, about 12 miles from the small town of Chase City. Theirs was a simple, yet hard life. They raised tobacco cash crops, as well as vegetables, hogs, hens and dairy cattle for their family’s sustenance.

Young Irma Nell, who had been born in June 1920, was the fourth among the Thompsons’ five children.
After graduating from high school, Irma attended Smithdeal-Massey Business College in Richmond. A good student, she landed a job as the bookkeeper for the Chase City Department Store—a position she held for close to 40 years.

How did this frugal woman and her husband earn and “twice” give away their estate?

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