Putting Passion To Work

As water skiing grows their trophies, a donor-advised fund grows their outreach.

Putting Passion to Work - LohrSteve Lohr ranked “Number 1 in Trick Skiing” with USA Water Ski in his age division for 2016, and this is the second time this decade. Such success stems from skill put to practice, coupled with an unbridled passion for the sport, which he shares with his wife, Ann.

It was 50 years ago, on their first day at William and Mary, that Steve and Ann met in French class. Their paths crossed again in math class, since both pursued accounting degrees. “Numbers people” who just clicked, they married between their junior and senior years.

Steve yearned to live near water, having competitively water skied since age 15. So off to Caroline County they moved, near a picturesque lake. There the couple has shared their passion for skiing with the next two generations.

What else does their family share?

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