Introducing the bible study designed to unlock the generous heart in every believer.

Narrated by Baptist leaders from across the state, MIRACULOUS GENEROSITY blends timeless truths from the Bible with modern-day examples of generosity to demonstrate how God can use even our smallest acts of generosity to change the world.

Miraculous Generosity Products

Our Obedience.

God's Faithfulness.

The Bible is filled with stories that demonstrate how God takes our humble gifts and multiplies them — when we put them to work for His kingdom.

But are miracles of generosity just for biblical times? In this hour-long study, Baptist leaders from across Virginia examine how God has used everyday acts of obedience to bless the world.

Insights from the Bible are paired with modern-day examples of God’s miraculous provision. Interactive discussion questions explore barriers to giving, and practical advice from EverBless reveals innovative ways to overcome them.

This inspiring, powerful study will change your congregation’s attitude about generosity….and perhaps forever change the way they think about giving.

Featuring ...

Phil Faig

Wayne Faison

Christy Foldenauer

Allen Jessee

Tom Stocks

Freddy Villarreal

Bring this dynamic study to your church.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the PURPOSE of this curriculum?

To spur increased generosity among your members—generosity of faith, work, compassion, possessions—so your church experiences God’s miraculous impact.

WHO developed this curriculum and WHY?

EverBless developed the study as an educational tool that supports Christian principles of generosity, obedience and stewardship.

What’s DIFFERENT about this Bible study?

Miraculous Generosity doesn’t present the typical ‘give to your church’ message. The workshop educates through biblical context and modern-day miracles, guiding members to respond as God calls them.

WHO should attend?

Adults of all ages. Teens may benefit, too.

Which is preferable, LARGE or SMALL GROUPS?

Group size will vary according to your church size and dynamics. However, groups of 15 or less may be preferable for the worksheet discussion. Video may be used by facilitator for various groups at different times.

WHEN is the best time to hold the study?

Careful scheduling is important for strong attendance. Some churches may prefer a Wednesday evening or Saturday morning study, while others may dedicate the hour before Sunday morning worship.

HOW long does the study take?

As presented, the study and discussion last one hour. EverBless staff can provide suggestions for more in-depth study and extended study.

Is the HANDOUT necessary?

EverBless highly recommends distributing the handout. It encourages meaningful discussion during your study, while also serving as a valuable take-home resource for attendees’ future reference.

Will an EverBless REPRESENTATIVE attend?

Miraculous Generosity has been developed as a turn-key study for easy facilitation by your church. However, with sufficient notice, an EverBless representative will be happy to attend.