We focus on fund management & investments. So you can focus on your church ministry.

Fund Management

Managing your church’s special funds requires time, knowledge and oversight. Let EverBless help.

Start and grow specialized church funds.

Our experienced team not only assists with setting up specialized funds. We help you promote them through faith-based resources that help unlock your membership’s generosity.

Rely on sound financial management and connect with a strong network.

Vanguard, EverBless’ investment advisor, manages your funds with financial expertise. You receive comprehensive reporting of your investment returns, plus safekeeping of your historical information.

EverBless personalizes service to your needs—whether solutions, stewardship promotion or fundraising.

Trust EverBless.

Unwavering Christian values guide the EverBless team as we help churches across the commonwealth establish and manage these special funds:

  • Building

  • Facilities

  • Cemetery

  • Endowment

  • Memorial

  • Scholarship


Investment complexities challenge even well-meaning congregations. Why try it alone?

Protect your mission.

EverBless’ goals mirror yours: to support your church’s mission and ministry through strong growth and minimized risk.

Partner with financial experts and equip yourself with knowledge.

In consultation with Vanguard—one of the country’s leading investment advisors—EverBless manages diversified investment portfolios currently in excess of $200 million.

Our caring team explains financial tools in terms you understand, so you make well-informed decisions.

Investment portfolios

EverBless offers three portfolios to meet your church’s needs: equity portfolio, balanced portfolio and fixed-income portfolio. Click here to learn more about these options and their historic performances.

Cash management

EverBless supports short-term missions through two options:

  • Money market, which starts with a minimum deposit of $10,000.

  • Certificate of deposit, which starts at a minimum of $100,000.

Our team serves your church just as we serve Christ.

Want to learn more? Our experts are happy to lead you through the options, offering support to make your mission flourish.

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