Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of funds that EverBless has under management?

We have over $150 million under management.

Do you manage money for individuals?

EverBless manages money for Baptist churches and organizations. You can join the charitable efforts of EverBless by opening a donor-advised fund, creating an endowed scholarship or establishing a charitable trust.

What rate of return can my church or organization expect from investments?

The rate of return will vary. EverBless works with Vanguard who take a long-term investment approach using both passive and active management strategies. We seek to earn a reasonable rate of return at an acceptable level of risk.

Is there a charge for the services of EverBless?

EverBless charges an administrative cost recovery fee (ACR) of 80 basis points (eight tenths of one percent) on the first million dollars of an investment. The ACR is reduced incrementally for amounts over one million dollars. There are no charges for consultation.

Does the charitable portion of the trust established at EverBless go to EverBless?

It may, but is not required to. Multiple charities may be selected including your church, your donor-advised fund and the EverBless scholarship fund.