What do you do when adversity threatens your security? Your health? Your relationships? Or even your life?

It’s hard enough to cling to faith when times are good. But what happens when life stops you in your tracks? This free video-driven Bible study shares how ordinary people respond to extraordinary challenges. Their inspirational stories show how, with God’s help, we can do more than just move forward.

Narrated by Pastor Kevin Swann over five videos, experience these powerful stories firsthand and see how God and His Scriptures faithfully empower everyday people as Christians UNSTOPPABLE.

10 stories. 5 weeks. 1 life-changing Series.

See how Christians respond to some of life’s most difficult challenges:

serious illness | business crisis

religious persecution | family tragedy

life-threatening prognosis | loss of a loved one

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the PRIMARY PURPOSES of this curriculum?

  • To encourage and spiritually strengthen those dealing with life’s adversities
  • To demonstrate that all—even Christians—face pain and suffering at some time
  • To increase knowledge, understanding and empathy
  • To develop UNSTOPPABLE Christians

What is DIFFERENT about this video series?

  • Presents real-life stories that exemplify Scripture, reliance on Christ and faith in action
  • Acknowledges life’s challenges and shares ways to cope
  • Encourages Christians to respond to God’s call and join Him in His plans and purposes

WHO should attend?

  • Adults of all ages
  • Older teens

WHEN is the best time to hold the seminars?

  • Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings or adult sessions of Vacation Bible School
  • Weekend workshops or conference breakouts
  • Sunday worship sermon series


  • Small to mid-sized groups for active group discussion
  • Larger groups for conference breakouts or sermon series

How much TIME is involved?

  • Five one-hour sessions, each with two videos and group discussions
  • Ideas for in-depth and extended sessions are available from EverBless staff

Is the WORKSHOP HANDOUT necessary?

The handout encourages meaningful discussion during the seminar and doubles as a valuable take-home resource

WHO developed and sponsored this free video series?


How do I ACCESS the videos?

Will an EverBless REPRESENTATIVE attend?

  • Facilitator Resources provide clear instructions and tips for church-hosted sessions
  • An EverBless representative can attend with sufficient notice

Bring this empowering study to your church.