A Career Takes Flight

He’s saving lives every day thanks to a nursing degree and scholarships.

A Career Takes Flight - JoycePicture this … It was 2 a.m., yet the backcountry road was ablaze with light. Not the steady glow from streetlamps, but the ominous flashing lights from emergency vehicles—the fire trucks, police cars and an ambulance that had rushed to the scene. Reasons for the single-car accident were yet unknown, because the first responders had but one goal: to save the motorist’s life. Even a glance from afar confirmed the need for advanced medical care, for the driver appeared to be critically injured. Fortunately for everyone, additional help was on the way.

The ever-growing crowd heard the Life-Guard 10 helicopter before seeing it. Thrumming sounds of its rotor blades resonated through the hushed silence, growing louder and louder as the aircraft approached. The moment the aircraft touched ground, Will Joyce and a medical team disembarked to help the victim.

What is it like to be a flight nurse?

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