The Family Farm

Her real estate gift was wrapped in faith.

The Family Farm - AilstockA beloved family farm in Spotsylvania County represents a host of rich memories for Joyce Story Ailstock. Today, it supports her retirement, but in the future it will fund the ongoing work of three nonprofits that are special to her.

Her grandparents began the farm in 1895, and passed it on to Joyce’s father. He had speculated in a business that resulted in his bankruptcy, and the farm was put up for auction in 1957, when Joyce was only 19 years old.

Remarkably, she won the auction and kept the farm, which she says “was God providing.” Joyce moved to Alexandria after her marriage, but regularly visited the farm over the years to see to its maintenance. And in recent years, she worked with EverBless to make the farm a part of her legacy. By setting up a charitable remainder unitrust, Joyce receives an income for the rest of her life from the sale of the property. And upon her passing, three charities that are important to her will receive payouts from the trust.

With her plans in place, Joyce now says, “This has been a long process … I had to trust God and have faith that this was the right thing.”

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