Life-Surpassing Stewardship

The process of asset accumulation and redistribution

Life-Surpassing Stewardship - WhittenDr. Bob Whitten and his wife, Barbara, have demonstrated spiritual stewardship since the early days of their marriage. It began with disciplined tithing, and over time matured into a plan for stewardship that will continue even after their passing.

“I’ve realized that the first half of life must be devoted to gathering: education, skills, relationships, finances and properties,” Bob explained. “Then during the second half of our lives, we need to develop a different toolkit to dispose of all our resources intelligently — and that requires even greater skills.”

Neither Bob’s nor Barbara’s careers involved high salaries (as a pastoral counselor and public educator, respectively), yet they enjoy a secure retirement. Desiring to do “the most good” with their funds, they met with EverBless team and explored multiple options. After thorough consideration, the couple established a charitable remainder trust (CRT) that will provide income now and benefit music students later.

The couple declared they could not be happier with EverBless because the staff is warm and helpful; processes are fiscally sound; and treasured relationships have developed. Bob summed up the experience with these poignant words: “Parting with funds is soul-satisfying when you are responsible stewards of the great gifts from God.”

Write your own story by establishing a trust.

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