Supporting A Mission Of Wide-Reaching Philanthropy

Their lifetime of hard and good works has paid dividends.

Supporting A Mission - PittsA walk around the lovely, well-groomed 28-acre homestead of Don and Aileen Pitts immediately gives you a glimpse of a lifetime of hard work, and a life-long commitment to good works. The beautiful property and Pitts Pond are just part of a ministry that sees thousands of visitors each summer and hundreds of baptisms, too. And that’s just one part of the lifetime of philanthropy the Pitts have taken part in.

Along the way, they also discovered the advantages of a donor-advised fund, which allowed them to give even more to their favorite charities. They had heard of EverBless at church, and began their fund with a gift of stock, to which they added profits from their real estate business over the years. Don said, “A lot of wealth can be funneled into good use. The blessing is that you can give so much more.” Even at Don’s passing through his donor-advised fund, he has continued supporting their church— Salem Baptist— and organizations like the Gideons, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Samaritan’s Purse and many more local and international groups. Their partnership with EverBless has multiplied their gifts and distributed them around the globe.

Write your own story by establishing a donor-advised fund.

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