Root Causes of Violence

With their eyes on the future, their scholarship endowment brings a hope for peace.

$1 Million Pledged - AskewIt’s one thing to fret about the daily news and all its stories of hate and violence. But it’s entirely another thing to actually do something about it.

Duke and Rose Askew put their money where most people’s mouth is. As people of faith, they pledged $1 million to a scholarship endowment through EverBless. A percentage is distributed annually through EverBless scholarship committee. Based on EverBless’ astute investments, these scholarship distributions will continue in perpetuity.

In the couple’s own words: “The purpose of the fund is to provide grants or scholarships to foundations, persons or students studying the root causes of violence in the United States, the effect of media and video game violence on society, and the elevation of the human condition in this conflict-driven world. Such studies include, but are not limited to, peace studies, conflict resolution, international relations, psychology, inter-religious studies and ethics.”

Only through in-depth understanding can we make meaningful and lasting change for the good. “We’ve lost our moral compass,” Duke said. “I can’t figure it out, but possibly the next generation of students and scholars will.”

Write your own story of giving by establishing a scholarship endowment.

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