Stella's Last Wish

In the 1940s, Stella went to college. Her scholarships still do.

Stella's Last Wish - PierceStella was a small-town girl. Her father operated the local grocery store to provide for his wife and seven children. He died when Stella was 9 years old, so she went to live with her uncle and aunt. Difficult circumstances—later coupled with ill health—never deterred Stella. In fact, they strengthened her resolve.

Stella yearned to become a nurse and graduated as high school valedictorian. She received a full college scholarship but lacked money for living costs. With only $100 in her pocket, Stella set off for college, 600 miles away from home.

Stella frugally made ends meet by waitressing and helping in the library. Her clothes were hand-me-downs and loaners, but she was not abashed.

Stella met Artwell Pierce, whom she married within a year. They lived a fruitful, faithful life … until her death.

What was Stella’s final wish? It may surprise you.

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