A Trust Befitting the Winning Circle

He nurtured Secretariat. Now his income-producing trust nurtures his community.

A Trust Befitting The Winning CircleBobby Gentry grew up on a farm, so it was no surprise that he studied agriculture at Bluefield College. The surprise came later, when he followed his passion for horses. Having knowledge of horse breeding, Bobby joined his uncle and staff at The Meadows. Together with the Chenerys, they produced the Triple Crown winner, Secretariat.

Bobby experienced the thrill of racing history—but he and his wife, Joyce, realized that with victory came responsibility. Just as Secretariat ran with endurance to win the race set before him, the Gentrys decided to set a course for their financial resources that would ensure “life victories” for others.

Working with EverBless, the couple funded a trust with the gift of a home. One day, the trust will provide scholarships for Bluefield College and Piedmont Community College, support their church and help fund a local food bank.

Bobby and Joyce’s income-producing trust demonstrates that financial resources can become powerful blessings when used for the benefit of others, in this world and the next.

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